.Have you ever sat down with a designer to pick out the perfect pieces for your living room. As they hold up couches, ottomans and coffee tables to gauge scale, color and form. do you find yourself thinking. “Wouldn’t it be easier if I could just go shopping for these things on my own?” You might want to rethink that thought process.

Keep reading for twelve colorful examples of how famous designers have used their creativity in the living room. The next time you’re furnishing your home, take some cues from these rooms so you can create something truly original.

     1. David Rockwell’s Theater

Designer David Rockwell knows that great design is equal parts beauty and function elements he successfully combined. when he decided to create his own Manhattan living room.

The designer stitched together the perfect backdrop for this cozy theatrical. retreat by arranging an elegant sectional. oval side tables and modern ottomans around a soft rug.

     2. David Collins’ Parisian Palace

Designer David Collins is no stranger to luxury – otherwise known having everything in your home be custom made by hand.

(or at least made to order).

He knows the value of a great “wow” moment, so it’s not surprising that he designed this glamorous. Paris suite with not one but two sitting rooms.

     3. Kelly Wearstler’s Underworld

If you ever wanted to live out your childhood dream of being a mermaid, then you might want to check out Kelly Wearstler’s Viceroy Hotel suite in Santa Monica.

The entire living room looks like it was designed for a mythical underwater princess (or siren) due to its brilliant blue color scheme and tiled walls that mimic bubbling water.

     4. Jaime Derringer’s Parisian Chic

Designer Jaime Derringer’s swanky Paris hotel suite includes several design elements. that are at least two hundred years old – which is exactly the appeal of this understated yet elegant room.

The designer replaced her hotel bed with an ornate antique headboard, covered the hardwood flooring with soft rug and brought in simple furniture arranged around a classic coffee table for this laid-back space.

     5. David Kleinberg’s Moroccan Living Room

Designer David Kleinberg knows how to bring out the best in any space – and he shows us how by transforming a standard hotel room into an exotic, inviting Moroccan retreat.

The designer turned this modest living room into a colorful oasis that includes traditional low seating and carpets, as well as modern lighting and decorative items. that fit right in with the rest of this charming room.

     6. Kelly Wearstler’s New Orleans Charm

Designer Kelly Wearstler was inspired to decorate her New Orleans home after visiting one of Louis XIV’s castles during a trip to France.

This glamorous retreat is full of classic elements like rich colors, luxurious patterned fabrics, ornate ant iques and patterned rugs.

     7. Mario Buatta’s Grand Ballroom

Designers Mario Buatta and Bill Nason turned a ballroom into an elegant living room with the help of traditional decorative items, such as chandeliers, lamps, sconces and various antiques – many of which are artfully arranged around this regal space. The luxury dining room sets and rich purple color scheme add just the right touch to pull all of these elements together for a stunning look that is fit for royalty.

     8. Jaime Derringer’s Parisian Suite

Designer Jaime Derringer decorated her hotel suite with vibrant colors and patterns. that transport you to another world – an exotic, faraway land where everyone eats chocolate croissants for breakfast and sleeps on luxurious white linen sheets. The designer also added antiques to this room, which gives off a sexy yet inviting feel that is perfect for lounging by the window or taking afternoon tea while watching the world go by below.

     9. Annette Douglas-David’s Classic Living Room

If you’re looking for simple ways to add more elegance to your living room without spending too much on new items. then consider simply replacing your coffee table with an antique one or painting the old fireplace mantel in a fresh shade of white paint.

Designer Annette Douglas-David did just this when she transformed her hotel suite into a cozy yet sophisticated lounge that is perfect for hosting friends and family during the holidays.

     10. Kelly Wearstler’s Moroccan Dining Room

This room may be use for dining, but it more of a romantic feel than meets the eye.

Designer Kelly Wearstler transformed this hotel suite into a cozy retreat by adding velvet and silk furniture plush pillows. and glamorous artwork to the mix.

Creating an intimate living room that is perfect for hosting dinner parties of two.

     11. Jaime Derringer’s Moroccan Study

Designer Jaime Derringer brought all the magic of Morocco into this hotel suite by adding vibrant colors.

And tribal patterns throughout – decorating this area with opulent luxury. that feels like it came straight out of a storybook!

Put your own stamp on the look by painting the walls in a rich shade of red. Swapping your old coffee table For an exotic one to give this room an instant makeover.

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